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Loop within a loop - How to get around assigning every variable in the inner loop with every iteration of the outer loop
By : Ansari , Category : excel

Bouncing ball using while loop, I need to decrease bounce by 30% each bonce till 0, then exit loop to avoid infinity loop
By : Alan Xu , Category : java

R (funtion-loop) Looping with a function(another loop with a list) and assigning a value to a dataframe with the right keyword from the funciton loop
By : Nandor Devai , Category : r

Outer loop to loop over each row and nested loop to loop over each character
By : cpacini , Category : java

Convert a list comprehension loop into a regular for loop without creating an infinite loop
By : silvervino , Category : python

Using do while loop and while loop to write a program that will run random guessing game...i stuck at the do while loop
By : chadrico , Category : c++

Avoiding loop in a loop in a loop when building a WordPress custom sitemap
By : swethaperi , Category : php

Is it possible to loop in an array and access next loop cycle's elements within current each() loop?
By : Pain999 , Category : jquery

Beginner Shell Scripting - nested while loop, inner loop is only loop looping
By : changke , Category : bash

nested loop, how to end loop and how to get loop to continue to cycle? java, eclipse
By : björnen , Category : loops

for-loop(downto,Reversed) vs for-loop(increase mode) vs while-loop in Delphi
By : Gábor , Category : delphi

Why use SIL(Software in the Loop) before HIL(Hardware in the Loop) if MIL(Model in the loop) simulation is already performed?
By : Chennai , Category : matlab

BASH - using a for loop to loop over an array and create a file from the loop body
By : stock1010 , Category : arrays

Crossed for loops: Pick i th element of first loop then loop completely through second loop
By : dummy123 , Category : r

while-loop finishes a loop but takes a long time to begin the next loop
By : Stephen Judge , Category : c++

While loop nested inside for loop only executes for first iteration of for loop
By : Pappione , Category : python

Python nested for loop does not execute 2nd for loop on 2nd iteration of 1st loop
By : kevins1788 , Category : python

Optimizing Python loop when each loop reads the result of last loop
By : CookingCoder , Category : python

How to exit a loop (while loop) with an if statement from a function called within the loop?
By : TRobison , Category : function

C++: Loop Optimization and Loop Unwinding (To loop or not to loop)
By : el3ctron , Category : c++

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