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How do I keep a YAML mapping represented as flow mapping {}, not multi-line block mapping?
By : Jaleel , Category : perl

Servlet mapping - what is the difference between PATH-MAPPING and EXTENSION-MAPPING
By : Jorgemr , Category : servlets

Dozer Mapping: Mapping via XML vs Mapping via API. Which one performs faster?
By : bps , Category : java

knockout js `create callback` used with mapping plugin when model's mapping written as a function
By : Guilherme Costa , Category : knockout.js

Assigning IMappingEngine in constructor causes mapping exception when mapping only when running from unit test
By : amardas178 , Category : c#

ERROR mapping.DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator$UrlMappingBuilder - URL mapping argument [exception] with value [(*)] must be a valid class
By : Pharaoh , Category : grails

knockout mapping (ko.mapping.fromJS()) not updating targets when async $.ajax call
By : Timothy , Category : ajax

Scala Play and Slick. Writing Form Mapping and Database Mapping for an object
By : glsastri24 , Category : scala

Knockout Mapping: JSON grows when mapping and saving multiple times
By : Hbnmat , Category : javascript

Spring configuration beans static resources mapping and url's mapping?
By : DeadFred , Category : java

Mapping a GUID property as Foreign Key to other entity by NHibernate mapping-by-code
By : James Clarke , Category : c#

java.lang.noclassdeffounderror org/exolab/castor/mapping/mapping error
By : The Merg , Category : java

Grouping/mapping using values from a different DataFrame as the mapping function PYTHON PANDAS
By : LukeG , Category : python

Liferay portlet: Call render mapping from resource mapping method
By : Pseudoics , Category : java

NHibernate Mapping - 2 different columns in 2 logical tables in one mapping file and c# class
By : maryjohnson , Category : c#

Not valid Doctrine2 mapping: The entity-class 'Downloads' mapping is invalid
By : cerebusPu , Category : symfony2

How to define AutoMapper mapping outside code i.e. in a XML file or use different approach for a fully configurable object mapping?
By : iNate2000 , Category : c#

SQLAlchemy: How can I add common mapping logic to my custom base class (using declarative style mapping)?
By : Mahesh , Category : python

RestKit relationships not mapping when manually mapping JSON object
By : bkircher , Category : ios

Turned off the dynamic mapping in Elasticsearch, but the custom mapping still not work?
By : cwnathan , Category : dynamic

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