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Meteor: Match error: Failed Match.OneOf or Match.Optional validation (websocket)
By : obijywk , Category : meteor

Excel 2007 VBA MATCH function is not finding a match, but a match does exist in that range?
By : Gurpreet Singh , Category : excel

regex: match line and proceeding lines until match but include contents before and after match
By : johntynan , Category : regex

Why does `Symbol#match` behave differently from `String#match` and `Regexp#match`?
By : Jonathan , Category : ruby

XSLT Match - match failing to work for
By : Chennai , Category : xml

.match returns null on trying to match a regular expression that is correct and has a match
By : surfsatwerk , Category : javascript

Iterate through a file until match and find a second, different match, until no match. Repeat until EOF
By : Venezuela , Category : bash

Regex to match pattern or match everything else - match precendence issue?
By : znotdead , Category : javascript

Error: Match error: Failed Match.OneOf or Match.Optional validation
By : 786ahmedji , Category : mongodb

Exact match, or do partial match if no exact match, in a single query?
By : Dopey , Category : mysql

Excel Match Multiple Criteria with Match Type = 1 Breaks with Large Dataset
By : Beagle80y , Category : excel

find string that match specific regex then exclude from that list anything that match one ore more conditions
By : Brazen , Category : regex

Rails attribute missing match ? attribute_missing(match, *args, &block) : super
By : TCH , Category : ruby-on-rails

Comparing two uk postcode values for match and part match ignoring spaces and case
By : China , Category : vba

Left join returning duplicate rows when there is match between two tables and match is not null
By : Henrique , Category : sql-server

RegEx: can't figure out the expression to match lines with individual events and match only those containing certain word
By : InfiniteLurker , Category : regex

Regex to match specific url with or without extensions but not including subdomains, and to match relative paths
By : slippysoup , Category : regex

Excel VBA: "unable to get the match property of the worksheetfunction class" Error when match should exist
By : Aravinth , Category : excel

Need a vba macro to search through a field of cells to look for a match and return the row number that it finds the match in
By : Rakewell , Category : excel

MATCH prior to MERGE in single Cypher query confuses ON MATCH and ON CREATE
By : albahertig , Category : neo4j

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