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C++ Matrix template, ambiguity between matrix-matrix and matrix-number multiplication
By : ericMe , Category : c++

Python Numpy - Matrix replaces defined matrix in global matrix.. similar to Matlab
By : itwxf , Category : python

subset matrices: map a binary matrix onto a qualitative matrix for 1s but not 0s while keeping matrix dimension intact
By : FriendlyRDP , Category : r

Creating an index matrix depending on Reference matrix and matrix of Data matlab
By : Ka0t1x , Category : matlab

forming a new matrix depending on matrix of data and other matrix of indexs matlab
By : dib , Category : matlab

convert simple triplet matrix(slam) to sparse matrix(Matrix) in R
By : davidajohnston83 , Category : r

Multiplying matrix A times multi-dimensional matrix "matrix-wise?"
By : Kagee , Category : python

applying some other matrix ( bias or unkown matrix) on perspective projection matrix
By : Boyer C. , Category : opengl

OpenCV: Matrix multiplication with a matrix containing Vec3d and a matrix containing doubles
By : Kevin , Category : c++

Convert each matrix column to a sub-matrix and loop through each sub-matrix for plotting
By : Iceland , Category : r

sum matrix using logical matrix - index exceeds matrix dimensions
By : meet2vsrawat , Category : matlab

Error in FUN(X[[1L]], ...) : as.edgelist.sna input must be an adjacency matrix/array, edgelist matrix, network, or sparse matrix, or list thereof
By : Josh Freed , Category : misc

Vector-matrix & matrix-matrix multiplication using SSE for any size of input matrix and vector
By : Luxembourg , Category : c

CUDA: Tiled matrix-matrix multiplication with shared memory and matrix size which is non-multiple of the block size
By : verachen , Category : c

python 2D matrix simple logic works but matrix print logic doesnt show correct matrix
By : Mark Tran , Category : python

I want to make matrix 3x1 matrix + 5x1 matrix ==> 15x2 matrix
By : ncld010 , Category : matlab

Numpy matrix multiplication of 2d matrix to give 3d matrix
By : NTMBK , Category : python

Assign smaller matrix to larger matrix (centered about an element in the larger matrix)?
By : Enzo , Category : matlab

Matlab - Multiplying a matrix with every matrix of a 3d matrix
By : beefjerky911 , Category : matlab

Matrix-matrix multiplication between A and B, with A a random matrix
By : bobeana82 , Category : cuda

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