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How to redirect /page/index page to /page (and /page to /page/) in Ruby on Rails?
By : DougoMan , Category : ruby-on-rails

Converting Express route with params from String ( '/page/:page' ) to RegExp ( /page/:page ) not working
By : smok , Category : regex

clicking "next page button", the page shows next page but the source codes of the page remains the same
By : piratus , Category : java

Telerik radgrid pagination issue - next page, prev page, first page and last page not working
By : Tommy , Category :

page A post values to page B that makes another post to page C using cURL and return response back to page A
By : chanley , Category : javascript

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).highcharts is not a function in aspx web page with master page but it is working with basic html page
By : sql-server , Category : highcharts

jQuery mobile: the styles for the next page are applied to the current page while making a server connection during page navigation
By : Ka0t1x , Category : javascript

downloding csv file is not working in internet explorer11 it redirecting page into another page (web page cann't be displayed)
By : Trevor Cortez , Category : javascript

Unable to target ID after navigating back to first page from second page in jQuery Mobile Single Page Model
By : Juncar , Category : jquery

Angular injected pages with long content make entire page load below the top of the page, cutting off the page title
By : Tom D , Category : javascript

Redirecting Page to a Success Page if Server Validation Is Positive (action for form is on same page) (PHP)
By : rajiv , Category : php

how to let cakephp paginator go to the last page, when user input a page number is bigger than max page (overflow)?
By : ShortOne , Category : cakephp

How to create a page in Code behind and navigate the main page to created page in Windows Store app?
By : antonio , Category : c#

Many video tags on page in single page application (angular) makes page frozen
By : fromtom007 , Category : javascript

Meteor.JS when Page navigation on Button Click ,Page loads for a second and again previous page appears
By : Olympian Last , Category : meteor

JQuery Function not firing on page load it works only after i refresh page or re-visit the same page again
By : alphamars , Category : javascript

Create a report with the following structure: 1.(Page Header > Detail (two subreports as table) > Page Footer) 2.(Full page with a static text))
By : DesiPower , Category : size

How to load a page A in iframe of index page with javascript when page is called by browser URL?
By : Andreas , Category : javascript

setting a page as "posts page" ignores attributes like page template in Wordpress
By : orson , Category : wordpress

Making page that user is viewing stay on page rather than redirecting to home page
By : MikeG , Category : php

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