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Deployment failed because no Windows Phone 8 phone was detected. Make sure a phone is connected and powered on
By : NTMBK , Category : c#

How can I use SQL to return a list of customers with both a home phone & cell phone, home phone only, cell phone only, and no phone?
By : bill.puskas , Category : sql

Sending GCM push notification to a particular phone using its phone number(the device that has this phone number installed my app. )
By : gbalazs , Category : android

Android service that was running when the phone was shut down starts automatically when the phone is booted
By : vasil , Category : android

Deploy enterprise (in-house) application on windows phone without developer unlocking the phone?
By : ivoidwarranties , Category : windows-phone-8

Build VOIP phone callls betwenn SIP client and analog/mobile phone
By : bevin , Category : networking

jQuery plugin for international phone numbers: flags and phone placeholder missing
By : jcy1978 , Category : javascript

Issue locking the phone before the camera is fully initialized. When I unlock the phone it breaks
By : dagar , Category : c#

Windows phone 8.1 using Contact Picker to retrieve both email and phone number
By : sorcerermerlin , Category : windows-phone-8.1

iOS: How to launch call applications like native phone app, skype, lin phone etc from my application
By : Naxxy , Category : ios

how to make a phone as a projector to project onto a wall whatever is displayed on the phone screen
By : Remyx , Category : android

Windows phone 8 pjsip audio routes to speaker phone instead of earpiece always
By : South Korea , Category : windows-phone-8

Phone numer formatting to display in only phone number text field
By : , Category : ios

"#" not included while sending call (i.e. for mobile phone recharging) In android phone
By : Tom D , Category : android

Responsive site shown in full width on phone (but not on emulated phone)
By : tgwizard , Category : css

MyToolkit for windows phone 7.x "Sorry we can't play this file on your phone" for VEVO videos
By : Shadowknight , Category : c#

Make a direct phone call in Windows Phone 8.1 (w/o user involving)
By : Platinumjsi , Category : c#

Image link show well on Laptop, but it not found in Android Phone and iOS Phone
By : KM. , Category : android

Download files from web and save in Phone : Windows Phone 8.1 (SilverLight) Development
By : saoudi46 , Category : c#

Make and receive phone calls to from android phone connected to Raspberry pi
By : Max Derov , Category : android

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