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PhoneGap 3.0: `phonegap platform build android` returns success but buildfile doesn't exist
By : Thomas , Category : cordova

Phonegap: SocialSharing phonegap plugin not working with pre filled message in FBDialog
By : , Category : android

error during playing video in phonegap android using phonegap VideoPlayer Plugin
By : Topher Cyll , Category : java

ionic + phonegap ( NOT cordova) give errors in installation does it even support phonegap?
By : Steve M , Category : cordova

PhoneGap: Connection to server timed out PhoneGap window.location.assign
By : Blackjack200 , Category : android

Phonegap functions not defined in Phonegap build apps - also pushNotifications don't work
By : dawza , Category : javascript

PhoneGap 3.3 using Phonegap Facebook Connect plugin, getLoginStatus always returns unknown
By : JacobV90 , Category : facebook

Bare minimum set up for PhoneGap/Cordova development on Linux using PhoneGap Build
By : Davidpaul007 , Category : linux

Can't open phonegap wp8 project created by phonegap CLI with Visual Studio 2013
By : peitschie , Category : cordova

Phonegap cross domain json data calling stopped working in phonegap build
By : Gipsy.D , Category : jquery

i wanna know how to find phonegap icon on my toolbar even i install phonegap plugin on luna eclipse
By : Hbnmat , Category : eclipse

Phonegap can't pair tablet and desktop app or command line, Phonegap server never receives any calls.
By : larry soto , Category : cordova

PhoneGap "Hello World" launches in android emulator but no default PhoneGap "Device is ready" Screen
By : Matthiasa , Category : android

[Phonegap 3.4]phonegap.js functions not working on other page than index.html
By : Timothy , Category : javascript

How to upgrade from phonegap 2.9 to phonegap 3.5 (project directory could not be found error)
By : Joshua Johnson , Category : android

PhoneGap IOS native datepicker plugin showing an error in Phonegap 2.2.0
By : shastrji , Category : cordova

Can't pair phonegap desktop app with phonegap developer app on my windows phone
By : pinkroy123477 , Category : misc

Include file with name phonegap.js or coredova.js, While building app in build.phonegap
By : seventy6 , Category : javascript

PhoneGap - Building phonegap android app gives compile error on Linux
By : facebook-opengraph , Category : android

com.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect and phonegap-plugin-push not working together
By : krs , Category : android

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