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How to create related posts functionality for wordpress custom post type posts when one posts belongs to many categories
By : Madmick , Category : wordpress

Creating "view all posts" link to show all posts from a specific category in wordpress
By : OutOfBrain , Category : php

How to display all posts of specific custom post types, including normal posts?
By : Marcos de Carvalho , Category : wordpress

Changing posts on grid to a fixed size (Photo posts with writing underneath.)
By : Max Derov , Category : java

Wordpress - how to order posts within each category alphabetically by title, without it showing all posts from all categories
By : obijywk , Category : php

How can I sort my Wordpress posts by certain criteria (i.e. random, recent posts, custom fields, ect.)?
By : john , Category : wordpress

WP and bootstrap: show 6 latest posts in two rows with
separating them, and no
when only 3 posts are on page
By : Broburger , Category : php

How can I pull latest posts, with unique authors, so that if an author wrote two posts in a row, it only gets the first?
By : Rahulmax , Category : sql

WordPress: Display the posts of all categories, at most 5 posts per category, and ordered by date?
By : JSebok , Category : php

PHP system posts, receive all of my friends posts on the page, like on facebook and twitter
By : TheMoo , Category : php

Unable to get all the posts or feeds using Facebook Graph API's like me/feed or me/posts
By : DeathReborn , Category : facebook

Wordpress - is it possible when viewing posts on a specific category to not show the most recent three posts?
By : sjmorrison , Category : wordpress

get posts by self and posts by all follows with attached user using with() or joins and order by post created_at
By : Ferzerp , Category : laravel-4

Wordpress Posts 2 Posts plugin: using callback in fields using key default_cb not working
By : tdowg1 , Category : php

How do I get a custom Jekyll permalink style scoped to just some posts (ie blog posts)?
By : boobytrapped , Category : configuration

Alter code to get all posts and show in dropdown list, right kown gets only 5 posts
By : Kaveh , Category : php

Getting "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" links on a Specialized Page Template
By : plonk420 , Category : wordpress

MySql Query for WordPress Recent Posts Need to Link to Individual Posts
By : Munir , Category : php

Posts on user feed with wrong content after group similar posts
By : Davidpaul007 , Category : android

SELECT * FROM {$wpdb->posts} How to change to show only logged in users posts
By : Iron Woode , Category : wordpress

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