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PyMongo re search produces `InvalidDocument: Cannot encode object: regex.Regex('RT', flags=regex.V0)`
By : christiandsg , Category : regex

Regex - Invalid target for quantifier which converting C# Regex to JavaScript Regex
By : MOURADGALLES , Category : javascript

Meta Regex: test if regex is only a string (no regex "wildcards")
By : YooperDave , Category : c++

Trying to convert rewriterule regex into php regex with minimal regex modification
By : seph87 , Category : php

Python regex to pick either regex A or regex B
By : DevTim , Category : python

java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Syntax error in regex pattern near index
By : Paul McKee , Category : java

perl regex: regex needs to describe entire segment for lookahead grouping to work?
By : Pappione , Category : regex

Ruby/Regex: Dealing with strings containing forward slashes and parentheses using gsub and regex
By : kevins1788 , Category : ruby

How to search a word using regex and concatenate it to other words also found by using regex on a per line basis?
By : eskimospy , Category : regex

How ignore specific lines of file using Regex and diff utility ("-I regex" option)?
By : , Category : regex

No method named `unwrap` found for type `regex::re::Regex` in the current scope
By : Murali Ravipudi , Category : regex

Regex gone wild: java.util.regex.Pattern matcher goes into high CPU loop
By : Brian O'Neill , Category : java

Removing all non-word characters with regex (regex delimiters in C# regular expression pattern)
By : Star Gryphon , Category : c#

How do I open multiple image files at once using regex (or regex-like) expressions in the Mac OSX command line?
By : itwxf , Category : osx

Unable to understand the way of trimming white spaces in regex in a line from start to end using regex
By : GunnarHafdal , Category : regex

Java Regex: How to match all patterns including overlapping regex matches?
By : akiin , Category : java

Boost regex not replacing expression that replaces correctly on regex websites
By : apaunchev , Category : c++

qt regex to boost regex conversion for taking number from inside a string
By : gicagica , Category : c++

XSL write second regex using output of first regex and overwrite substring with ancestor of second regex's hit
By : dagar , Category : xml

Java regex - How do I apply regex to get all strings enclosed by ASCII characters?
By : Excessi0n , Category : java

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