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How many register and what kind of register are available for the storage class REGISTER in c language
By : Meghan54 , Category : intel

How to register (or ideally self-register) a Facebook app developer without forcing a "friendship" with an owner/admin
By : iMelnik , Category : facebook

register view using custom authentication redirects back to register page
By : carito123 , Category : python

mips extract certain bits from register and set them to a different register in the same place without changing the rest
By : Paratus , Category : mips

Can I move a float stored in a _m128 SSE register directly to a normal register?
By : snommis , Category : misc

How native method registered in ndk sample hello-jni(It does not looks like static register or dynamic register)
By : Anton Tupy , Category : jni

Verilog: Adding individual bits of a register (combinational logic, register width is parameterizable)
By : rhinojosa , Category : verilog

Microarchitectural zeroing of a register via the register renamer: performance versus a mov?
By : NoCreativity , Category : assembly

GCM (Google cloud messaging) - can I register multiple devices with same register id?
By : amenx , Category : android

Polymer auto-register method on platinum-sw-register element
By : BHZ-GTR , Category : polymer

ZF2 Error trying to use ZfcUserServiceUser::register method to register User from another controller
By : BofRA , Category : zend-framework2

Register 1 event with many calls or register multiple events?
By : Timo , Category : javascript

Assembler Programming - Moving content of 32 bit register to a 16 bit register?
By : godihatework , Category : assembly

Why does pushing and printing the value in a register affect later comparisons of that register to another?
By : pankaj , Category : string

How can I write a QuadWord from AVX512 register zmm26 to the rax register?
By : Andrew S. , Category : intel

Is possible to address the output SIMD register by using an input register
By : showb1z , Category : c++

What does the assembly code statement: cmp %eax,(,,4) mean?
By : turret , Category : assembly

Register error - Variables on register script aren't isset
By : CraKaJaX , Category : php

UICollectionViewCell register class fails, but register nib works
By : nasy , Category : swift

Algebird HyperLogLog - Register Index and Register Value Bits
By : mkmitch , Category : postgresql

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