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Tell to Symfony's Request that some ajax request (jquery's $.get(path, cb) request) is a request with "X-Requested-With" equals to "XMLHttpRequest"?
By : 1sikbITCH , Category : javascript

Typeahead in rails app: Append JSON request to only one specific request instead of appending JSON request to every request via prefetch
By : keyed , Category : javascript

Sending post request on window unload event(AJAX request Vs Form submit Vs Image request)
By : Tom Clark , Category : javascript

Tomcat take request body of previous request as request header in keep alive connection when servlet hasn't read it
By : DJ-phYre , Category : java

how to modify the value of the key 'X-requested-with' in the request headers of resource request in Android webview, but not a page request?
By : alansmithz , Category : android

Files are not send through Ajax request, get not "filenames"in the request and gets empty request on the server side
By : Dittmar , Category : php

I made a pull request from my master branch. Now that request is pending and I want to submit another request
By : Christopher Harris , Category : git

Sequence of Retrofits' request where next request depends on result of previous request
By : nrdelouth , Category : rx-java

GWT request factory - Fire request inside of success method of another request
By : Cenneca , Category : java

Fiddler: How to stop a request, do a POST request and then resume the request
By : Stas , Category : post

AngularJS : request PUT send a request OPTIONS before a request PUT
By : Liy , Category : javascript

How to detect if GET request comes from an AJAX request or browser request?
By : Kumar Anand , Category : javascript

Why is this ajax post request executing a GET request with the data right before the post request is executed in Nodejs express?
By : lsmichael , Category : ajax

when do we get 400 bad request in spring when I populate the attribute with @Request body with JSON data which is there in the request body
By : sReas , Category : spring

Twisted Error: Request.write called on a request after Request.finish was called
By : mvonballmo , Category : python

django - request.META - when sending request, what to do so that data appears in request.META
By : Glenntoy , Category : python

How come in the DRF source code for IsAuthenticated, it returns `request.user and request.user.is_authenticated()` when request.user is not a boolean?
By : avi , Category : python

For a cross-origin OPTIONS request, is the pre-flight OPTIONS request followed by a "regular" OPTIONS request?
By : Ben Kohn , Category : ajax

Zend Validation - Specify multiple ways to validate a request - depending on whats in the request
By : CRaul87 , Category : validation

Invalid unknown request error: Cannot determine request type. Is this ad unit id correct?
By : seph87 , Category : java

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