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In Require.js, if require() is a function, how does require.config() exist?
By : umeshguru8 , Category : javascript

Warning: require(/wp-includes/load.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream
By : Jeffrey Shackelford , Category : php

TypeScript with require.js and jquery does not work on production server (require.js Script Error)
By : turret , Category : jquery

Warning: require() [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
By : harterly , Category : php

Warning: require() [function.require]: open_basedir restriction in effect is not within the allowed path(s)
By : Anthony Perkins , Category : javascript

Is there an alternative to require() in Node.JS? A "soft require" which tries to find a file but doesn't error if it isn't there
By : johntynan , Category : node.js

Using Angular require on input to enable signup: require input's/ validation
By : visual-c++ , Category : javascript

typescript with require-js how to avoid specifing full path to file in require()
By : domis , Category : typescript

The synchronous form of require throws errors when resolving a circular dependency, unless I rename require
By : Longchao Dong , Category : javascript

Confusion about Spring namespaces and how tags such as and require/ don't require prefixes
By : squarecut1 , Category : xml

rails - require single file works, but require all of directory not
By : Serbia , Category : ruby-on-rails

Django require user when creating password, don't require when editing
By : damomurf , Category : django

Calling a function from outside of require which is written inside of require in dojo
By : bazaar , Category : javascript

How to figure out what will be inside the "require" or "require-dev" portion of a composer file?
By : naemi , Category : php

require.main.require works but not inside Mocha test
By : Sivavt , Category : node.js

Security Issues by calling require() with untrusted string (require.js)
By : cynix , Category : javascript

Using the "require:" attribute in order to require several Angular directives
By : icode.cs , Category : angularjs

Should I require a module in every file or require it once and pass it as argument?
By : DigDog , Category : javascript

Why is "require UIExplorerBlock" and "require UIExplorerPage" required for some Components?
By : LinAdmin , Category : react-native

Check jquery in paths / require.config - Require.js
By : jwright30 , Category : javascript

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