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If a program installed as root is run by a non root user will it still have root priviledges?
By : Kishore , Category : linux

Redirect root and root only BUT not root with extra parameters /?param=foo
By : Tristan , Category : .htaccess

Error: E0902: Exception occured: [User: Root is not allowed to impersonate root
By : elbookri , Category : hadoop

python fuction finding root( or zero) with minimum distance from real root epsilon
By : davidg , Category : python

Accidentally I issued command grub-install --root-directory=temp/ /dev/sda as root
By : BeeBoop , Category : kernel

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: AnchorPane[id=klantroot, styleClass=root]is already set as root of another scene
By : Lepton87 , Category : java

htaccess redirect root to subdirectory but allow index.php in root AND query strings to function
By : RoBo , Category : php

Long install script successful as root; npm and composer not found as non-root sudoer
By : Rackbank , Category : linux

Username 'root' can be changed in mysql or i can suppose there always be a user named 'root' having all privileges?
By : Gábor , Category : mysql

rsync local root to remote server with non root preserve user:group it's possible
By : Timur Asaliev , Category : misc

Linux, the only way to GAIN root access is executing a setuid-root file?
By : Triumph , Category : linux

shell scrip run when I am root but I get a permission denied when it is invoked from a Makefile (still as root)
By : Nick Durcholz , Category : linux

Linux skip /root/.gvfs when executing df command with non-root user
By : NesuD , Category : linux

Cern ROOT - How to read contents from a TTree root file into array
By : cwnathan , Category : c++

Decompressing a tarball containing a single root directory while renaming the root destination
By : xmoning , Category : shell

How do I extract subpath neatly accounting for root and no root folders on java
By : Zack Harvey , Category : java

Nginx - Changing the server root make location root not working
By : zac , Category : nginx

Linux/Python How do I import a root access py module as a non-root user?
By : jaset , Category : python

How do lbackup backup remote files with root previllege, and without root ssh login?
By : , Category : rsync

Set html relative root links in site to specific folder in root in PHP
By : reginarays , Category : php

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