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Angular $scope not working as expected. Trying to assign object values in a controller $scope and a $scope.function scope
By : dfrolov , Category : javascript

angularjs: directive creates two child scope(not isolation scope)? and how to get scope of an element?[Solved by clear answer]
By : keyed , Category : angularjs

View scope bean injecting application scope and modify app scope data. Bad practice?
By : Nulq , Category : java

Why does changes to the outer scope from within a directive require scope.$apply() even if I am setting scope option to false?
By : Pakistan , Category : javascript

The maximum size of Data that can be stored in Application scope, Session Scope, Page Scope?
By : Kronvict , Category : java

ngDialog $scope variables not being updated by ngModel fields in $dialog when using scope: $scope
By : CraKaJaX , Category : javascript

Is it possible to activate the Session Scope and Conversation Scope from the existing Request Scope?
By : parietal , Category : java

Why ng-transclude's scope is not a child of its directive's scope - if the directive has an isolated scope?
By : Franklin Henderson , Category : angularjs

Block scope, function scope and local scope in Javascript
By : Product , Category : javascript

How do I connect between parent $scope, directive $scope and a modal $scope?
By : eastcoastj , Category : javascript

CDI - Sessions Scope - New session scope for each request scope
By : Blue , Category : jsf

Unit Testing: Accessing element's scope with element.scope() vs element.scope().$$childHead
By : pankaj , Category : angularjs

Variable is undefined in local scope if declared in upper scope and a var with same name is declared in local scope in an unexecuted statement
By : plong4 , Category : javascript

"Scope" in directive linking function is the root scope, not directive scope
By : boomerang , Category : javascript

Binding and writing values back to parent scope without using isolated scope in a directive
By : dluu2 , Category : javascript

Can't broadcast from isolated scope in directive—negative implications of setting directive scope to false?
By : paulstanely , Category : javascript

Autofac error - No scope with a Tag matching 'AutofacWebRequest' is visible from the scope in which the instance was requested
By : DeeJay , Category :

Is there a way to bind to a model from a parent scope without passing it to a directive’s isolate scope as an attribute?
By : apaunchev , Category : angularjs

web app design issue regarding to JSF2 managed bean scope mechanism (request scope)
By : Ever Daniel Barreto , Category : java

AngularJS $scope.$watch properties of $ but send old values to server before change
By : Ever Daniel Barreto , Category : angularjs

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