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libgdx - When I call setScreen() to set a new screen, screen flickers between new screen and old screen
By : dante , Category : libgdx

white screen between splash screen and startup screen index.html sencha touch after app build package
By : Glenntoy , Category : android

In iPhone 4inch screen, it shows up 3.5inch screen in simulator. Please checkout the screen shot. What may be the issue?
By : Estonia , Category : ios

Make picture shows exactly full screen, not exceed the height of screen even on different size screen
By : Chris Tattum , Category : javascript

How can I start Android Setting > Display > Screen > Screen Scale screen programatically?
By : reginarays , Category : android

Java - Full Screen JFrame is not shown on Print Screen/Screen recordings?
By : George , Category : java

C#: Map screen absolute to relative screen coordinates in multiple screen environment
By : Frank Bradley , Category : c#

Android, how to make a Splash Screen aka Launch Screen without the white screen?
By : infoseeds , Category : android

Is there a way in Jira to allow the screen attachment screen to be hooked up to a new issue screen?
By : wolf1306 , Category : jira

how to position Views on an Android screen relative to the screen edges using offsets in terms of pixel position on the screen coordinates?
By : tangsty , Category : android

Get the same window.screen.height and window.screen.width on different browsers when screen CSS pixel ratio is higher than 1
By : Baskaran , Category : javascript

How to add a cardlayout format to my main game screen so that when I click a button it changes from Main Menu screen into my Game Screen Code Provided
By : Berina Foo , Category : java

Screen resolution. Full screen - perfect. Normal screen - not perfect
By : crtosdel , Category : css

Splash screen displays white screen and then black before it sets the menu page
By : janette4 , Category : android

How can I get the playable area resize based on the screen size (to fill up entire screen)?
By : dangler , Category : ios

Is there a way to build a web page that uses different fonts on a phone screen and a desktop screen without writing any JavaScript?
By : akiin , Category : javascript

Can we get rootview of all the application on screen in order to takea screen shot in android xamarin
By : Usman , Category : android

cant output the thumbnail on the screen i get a clean white screen with a little broken image on the top left
By : DMasterX , Category : php

How to create an Activity where I can draw on the screen, save the image, and transfer it to another drawable screen?
By : PsyberMonkey , Category : android

Android screen orientation use different xmls (switching/rotating screen landscape and potrait)
By : Swooop , Category : android

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