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matlab - plot trendline with specific condition(e.g. slope at specific x value, must past through specific point,etc)
By : Keoki619 , Category : matlab

grep for files containin specific text in a specific line at a specific position
By : Beagle80y , Category : regex

In python, how can I search a specific column for a specific value in a txt file then return the specific value's row?
By : Zivic , Category : python

Disable Specific days, Specific Dates, and Specific Months, datepicker
By : MD. , Category : jquery

htaccess redirect specific page of specific domains to specific pages
By : gamefreakgcb , Category : .htaccess

get specific string that include specific word between specific characters - php
By : Tashi , Category : php

Count the number of cells containing a specific value ("N") in a specific row which contains a specific word("Hey")
By : liztek , Category : excel

Select an attribute value in a specific row specific column and specific input
By : smbrant , Category : jquery

batch, Create specific folders from specific multiple files, and then move specific multiple files into specific folder
By : verachen , Category : windows

update specific rows on table1 with specific values when table1 matches table2 and table 2 row contains a specific level
By : Glenntoy , Category : sql-server

How to redirect specific user agent on specific url to specific url
By : Ichinisan , Category : .htaccess

using a batch file, searching an ini file within a specific section, then within a specific name= to read a specific value
By : Joshua Johnson , Category : batch-file

htaccess redirect specific page of specific domain to specific page
By : bangprots , Category : wordpress

grep a specific line, print upper lines to a specific word and/or below lines to a specific word
By : kivava , Category : bash

Script Shell: grep specific lines - extract specific strings - put them on a file
By : Health Blog , Category : linux

In rails4 having many models, using cancancan gem, grant access to specific user to a specific model only?
By : juanfraga , Category : ruby-on-rails

Command line for 7z to extract specific files from specific folders inside an archive.
By : Kapishin , Category : python

Need Google Script to send an email if specific data added to specific column
By : cjdavis , Category : email

How select one specific field AND arrange by specific key results of mysql query with rails?
By : msg , Category : ruby-on-rails

How to lock specific rows in a table on another server using SSIS package for a specific time?
By : avi , Category : sql

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