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Declaring temporary struct to pass as argument -- Struct gets written over. How do I declare the struct in a new memory location?
By : qwertu , Category : c

Python struct.pack() 'struct.error: bad char in struct format' when trying to save endianess
By : Tennessee , Category : python

Struct help. Assigning a card struct to an array of cards held in a deck struct
By : BHZ-GTR , Category : c

Copying variables of one inner struct to other inner struct using a function that takes address of one inner struct as a parameter
By : Puffnstuff , Category : c

C (not ++) a struct of struct array in struct dynamic initialization troubles malloc
By : frugivore , Category : c

c++ struct function that returns a new struct that dynamically allocated and accepts a struct
By : Thaweesak Suksuwan , Category : c++

How to loop through a struct inside a struct while looping through the outer struct C Program
By : nickthecook , Category : c

What is the difference between "struct" and lack of "struct" word before member of a struct
By : sirjoekcb , Category : c++

How to change my struct pointer to a new struct, and free the old struct
By : , Category : c

Is there a way to use a pointer to struct inside the struct without naming the struct?
By : Kiltec , Category : c

Applying an operation to every element of a array of struct that combines multiple fields of the struct in a array of struct
By : Alexander Schuc , Category : arrays

Struct has two fields , each one is an 1d array. Passing the struct object to a function without pointer , would change the struct object?
By : jkjambo , Category : c

Golang: when typecasting child struct to parent struct, is child struct information lost?
By : Harry Truman , Category : inheritance

Creating a struct with a generic trait for field. Expected struct found struct
By : nascentmind , Category : rust

Circular Dependency - (how to let struct A refer to struct B, and struct B refer to struct A)
By : nasy , Category : c++

Assign a struct to another struct inside a struct in C
By : keithosu , Category : c

C: Trying To Dynamically Allocate Space For Struct, Populate w/Data, and Assign Pointer to Struct
By : Pakistan , Category : c

Convert a struct to bytes, save to file and read back to struct by another application in C#
By : Icecold , Category : c#

In C, using a pointer to a struct to call a function pointed to inside the struct leads to seg fault
By : Miklebud , Category : c

Python 2: Why is this bytestring order switched in struct.pack() and struct.unpack() methods?
By : Darin , Category : python

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