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I want to find the word and replace the 3 word after the search string with my desired word in batch script
By : christiandsg , Category : batch-file

Attempting to extract text that is within tags <*word word word*> n times in each line via Python
By : Rafael V. Souza , Category : python

Word VSTO - Filling a shape does not work in Word 2010 and Word 2013?
By : ysrc26 , Category :

Delete Word Fields VBA does not work in Word 2013, worked in Word 2010
By : bazaar , Category : excel

Javascript Regex - word must match with any word from list, in any order, with word boundary
By : Jeeebus , Category : javascript

How to loop a MS Word macro applying word by word in a selection?
By : urduforum , Category : vba

---MODIFIED--- VBA Word - Find "- " inside a word and left the word
By : DeeJay1 , Category : vba

RegEx to find the word between last Upper Case word and another word
By : evgen_povt , Category : java

Is there any way to change word to another word depends on the condition inside the word?
By : boomerang , Category : c#

How to get the range of a specific word in Word Document using Word Interop
By : Glenntoy , Category : c#

How to read a file word by word and find the position of each word?
By : Steve M , Category : c++

a Python program that reads in a word specified by the user and prints that word out x number of times where x is the number of characters in the word
By : Thomas , Category : python

regex to find pattern "word.word.word = "
By : Toetee , Category : regex

How to manipulate MS Word 2010 document word by word
By : YouYongku , Category : c#

Laravel 5.1: SQL query 'where LIKE %word%word%word%' not working
By : bjorngylling , Category : php

solr word count, word by word in a sentence
By : Denmark , Category : solr

Regular expression to match word before another word or after another word
By : JEDIYoda , Category : python

Word Count returns an array (of arrays of the form [word, count]) representing the frequency of each word
By : David Marchant , Category : ruby

find the second word in first line which starts with specific word and replace the next line first word in linux
By : Dahak , Category : linux

Preg_match find word after a word and after another word
By : Josofine , Category : php

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